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Make sure to check out the Ally Week schedule of events at #allyweek2014 #mcc #ohiostate
AIC Meeting TONIGHT at 7:30pm in the MCC. Join us for beadwork and crafting. #native #aic #mcc #beadwork
Stop by the MCC to take your Selfie for Social Justice to celebrate Ally Week 2014! #mcc #allyweek2014 #selfieforsocialjusti ce (at Multicultural Center at The Ohio State University)
It was a beautiful day at the Great Mohican Powwow in Loubonville, Ohio #aic #native #powwow
AIC members with Ally Week 2014 kick-off speaker @lavernecox (Photo Credit: Ohio Union Photography) #aic #lavernecox #allyweek2014
A wonderful performance of the play Cuentame Coyote last night for Hispanic Heritage Month. A somber story of the immigration process and experience. The story drew interesting connections to Native tribes who were separated due to the border between the U.S. and Mexico #OSUnidos #hispanicheritagemonth #ohiostate #indigenous
September 22-28th is officially designated as American Indian Week! 

American Indian Week is a state-designated week honoring the influence of American Indians on Ohio. Programs will be organized state-wide to raise awareness of pre-contact, historic and modern cultures. This year’s theme is “Food, Culture and Stories,” which means a delicious, fascinating, and community focused path to an entire week of celebration.

Visit the Ohio History Connection website for a listing of upcoming events throughout Columbus and the state of Ohio.

#native #americanindianweek #ohiohistoryconnection
Powwow in Loudonville, Ohio this weekend! Visit for details #native #powwow #mohicanreservation #ohio
Dennis Banks visit to Ohio 
Motorcycle Run 2014
“Declare War on Diabetes” 

Dennis Banks, co-founder of the American Indian Movement, will be stopping through Ohio September 18-22 along with 20+ motorcyclists to bring awareness of diabetes among the Native people. 

He is scheduled to appear at Carnegie West Public Library in Cleveland on Saturday, September 20th at 3:30pm. 

For more information, contact Cleveland AIM at 216-533-7423
#dennisbanks #ohio #native #americanindianmovement #diabetes #motorcycles
The Student Life Multicultural Center presents the play:
Cuéntame Coyote 
Written & Directed By Dañel Malán 
Saxbe Auditorium
Drinko Hall
Open to the public

In Cuentame Coyote, two cousins are abandoned in the desert, crossing the border with a “Coyote”. In their struggle for survival they encounter coyotes with two legs and four along with a host of other spirits along their journey. The play was developed after an intensive research trip to the Tohono O’odham reservation in Arizona. Sacred stories combined with migrant tales of the dangers of dehydration, snake bite and scorpions in the desolate 100 degree desert heat fuel the storyline of this new Milagro work. Erubiel Valladares joins Milagro this season in the title role of Coyote. Ajai Terrazas Tripathi and Alida Holquín Wilson-Gunn are the two cousins and Mariel Sierra plays various roles. #OSUnidos #mcc #hispanicheritagemonth #indigenous