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AIC is certified for suicide prevention! @ohiostatereach
AIC is certified for suicide prevention! @ohiostatereach

Whale Rider

In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month I encourage everyone to watch the film “Whale Rider”. Not only is it a great movie with amazing characters it also illustrates the complexity and honored traditions of the Maori people in New Zealand! I love this movie!


Since we fixed our IT issues, our map and database is back in action. This is a map of the missing and murdered Indigenous women across the United States and Canada. Each red mark contains the name and details of the case. This was created by Indigenous women for Indigenous women because our governments and media erase the large scale violence against us. You can submit a report and view the site at:
And for more information about the history of the project: Operation Thunderbird spreads its protective wings

From the HTPowwow in Lancaster, Ohio. Men’s traditional

Went to the Honoring Traditions Powwow in Lancaster, Ohio today. Pics from the grand entry
More beading pics!
Everyone hard at work beading, so many new projects started tonight :)

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